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Goldsky Professional Services

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GS Global

Goldsky Global, is a global investment management and data science corporation based in Australia with offices in Hong kong and Singapore. Founded in 2011 as a Quanatmental asset manager with a focus on developing and exploiting alpha signals across global markets. Since inception the Quantitative team at Goldsky have focused on developing an industry leading quantitative process to assist the investment professional.

GS Professional Services

Goldsky Professional Services is a provider of quantitative investment models that provide the investment professional with a powerful tool to assist in achieving their desired returns and a reduced risk profile. Goldsky Professional utilises state-of-the-art information analysis technology that incorporates AI, machine learning and Chaos Theory based fundamental analysis to provide superior data-sets to optimise investment decisions.

Financial Advisors

Goldsky's digital platform for Financial Advisor, allows you to offer your clients an automated and technology-augmented investment services powered by artificial intelligence. Goldsky Financial Advisor solutions enables you as a client to deliver a superior customer experience through the digitisation of our services combined with yours.


Our initiative is to get our young people in the Tweed region affected by homelessness to a place where they can not only stabilise their lives but with help realise that they are valued and active members of our community. By implementing and applying the tools and initiatives required we hope to transition these kids from hopelessness and homelessness to independent living which doesn’t mean “alone”.